Valentine, INTIMACY Companion for Females


Have you ever wished for a perfect date?

I seriously love to date! I enjoy exploring the world around me and every type of woman inspires new ideas. Discovering your interests, dreams and wishes to give me the insight to plan the perfect date for you!  I am playful, fresh and new - just for you! 

I am always looking out for different activities, new venues or shows, odd fun events that make a night out a story to tell!


Dating for most people sucks

I change that. You are safe and free to be honest with what you want and how you feel - it is Ok to be shy or even worried.  A date with me is fun, easy and safe. No fear of your boundaries and safety being pushed. 

Open communication at all times so you are comfortable and happy every step of the way. 


Renaissance Man: Valentine Cavalier

I am described as tall, dark and handsome'. I think I'm average

6'2", fit, athletic and over 40 years of life experience.  I'm known as a female intimacy companion, professional super sensual magical masseur, profound cuddlier, and  adventure dating guide.

Your desires are heard and I take it from there!

Valentine, MENS COACH & Couples INTIMACY Guide

Coaching Men

Coaching men and couples to be more passionate, playful and connected in their relationship.  When things go off the rails or your in a rut or you need guidance to spice things up. 

I am here to help by showing you ways to connect again and  get out of your rut. Your not alone. Bounce  ideas off me, someone who knows creative options.

Couples Guide

So many couples complain about not being able to connect because of the mistakes in the past. 

He touches me too hard, rough, scratchy, clumsily...

Having me show you other ways to touch, hold and explore each other gives you tools to deepen intimacy within your relationship.

Learn Skills

Let me teach you the skills and techniques needed to approach your partner in an adventurous playful and loving way.  Learn how to bring excitement, fun and kinky ideas to the table that you have been curious about. 

Having a knowledgable in-person guide is ten times better than a youtube video. I know.


Lets go on a great Adventure!

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

587 578 3979