What to Expect

ADVENTURE DATING: I am here for you. I am not distracted by TV, phone, or other ladies - I'm focused on you. Ensuring you have an incredible time and mutually choosing how we spend it! I am versatile and am focused on learning how to make our time together fun and "wow". I am excited to go on an adventure with you, however that looks.

CUDDLE TIME: If you schedule cuddle time, it is a time and space for you to be held and feel safe fully clothed. We will simply navigate to your favorite spot and settle in for a span of time that is full of hugs and healing caresses. Because sometimes that is what you really need!

KAHUNA, ELYSIUM and BONDASSAGE MASSAGE TIME includes skin-to-skin contact. Although it is relaxing and therapeutic in nature, it often feels more intimate. I will commonly strip off my shirt so I can use my arms, chest and hands to work your body over. I use coconut or grape seed oils to be able to slide in and around using my strength, length and weight to give you a body massage to melt away in. 

You dictate boundaries and style of pressure applied to your body. I can be as gentle or strong as needed, and I will incorporate different massage styles and sensory stimulation to provide you something more than any spa can.

Terms of Service, Guidelines and Policy

*The easiest way to take care of 'business' is for you to give me an envelope at the start of our date and or  massage session.

*Rates represent my preparation time, my time with you and specific activities agreed upon.

*If you are looking for a 'bend me over and pound away' experience, there are other men who offer that.

*You are strongly encouraged to be clear about YOUR boundaries and restrictions. This helps to cultivate and create mutually healthy and reciprocal trust building awareness.

*Discretion, professionalism and mutual respect is imperative during  and after any booking. 

*I am here to provide a service that is not readily available to every woman. Your experience with me will leave you with a treasure trove of pleasurable memories and stories to share for years to come!


Sorry but I am a female-only companion.

However, I am more than happy to coach you into creating the perfect date, massage, cuddle and other experiences for the special lady in your life! Contact me to discuss details.


If I have piqued your interest we are going to have a fantastic time together!

If you are confused, bored, or feel like I'm 'too expensive' or you feel like you are wasting your time, then keep looking until you find what you are searching for.

My desire is to bring richness to your life with moments to remember. I love to imprint special memories that years from now you have the giggles and tingles from recalling our Adventures.

Disclaimer for Adventure Dating


Having me available for when you are ready to go on an adventure is another way you can invest in making you, a better you! Together we will have moments that will build memories and experiences that will have you daydreaming. 

Like any investment sometimes the market crashes. I will not take a booking if I cannot provide you with quality time, space and presence. eg. i am sick. This applies to you as well. 

Plan to come out to play, just like when you were young. Be willing to try, go,  and do as you and I planned. We will be a team for these few hours so lets soar with our time together.

Disclaimer for the Boyfriend Experience


I am here for you! 

What do you wish, want or always been curious about? 

Let me know and we can come up with a plan together. I hold no judgement and may even have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you create the moment you want. 

I go where you lead and ensure you are safe and respected along the way.