Why book me?

Safe, fun, and simple.

Seriously, life is too short to be complicated and dating is hard enough. So skip the one night stand or the bar hopping & hoping. Plan success by booking a date with me and know you will  have fun and be happy.

What type of massage?

I can provide a basic body pampering massage of KaHuna with my own twists or take you  on a deeper more adventurous kinky massage with a Bondassage or Elysium session. 

Massage sessions are a good way to dip your toe into the surrender of sensations and enjoy a healing yoni massage. All fun and safe experiences for your pleasure.

Explore, Try, Learn

Sometimes you want to try something and want to have a person free of judgement and help you reach a goal. A man who is comfortable taking small steps with you and working through any personal challenges. 

I am the safe and relaxed man who can take you where you want to go.

Who are my clients?

Most of my clients are single moms who want to get out and have fun with a male companion. Time is precious and a bad date robs you from your needed downtime. 

I am kinda like expedia, pick the date and the rest just falls into place.

What is the value?

The plumber will show you his ass crack for 135/hr and never leave you with the feeling of wanting more. 

A meeting with me can shift your life and perspective on men. You will tell your friends and have memories for a lifetime.

What's new with Valentine?

Body Worship training! Just finished a training workshop on breast massage. 

I am learning the body bits that RMT's skip over. You have a body and all of it deserves to be pampered.

Keeping you Safe! How?


Funny to think that this is here?

Every session you will have fresh clean linens, satin sheets, towels and other supporting equipment.

Where applicable items are sterilized and organised by use. 

Ask me about what I do to clean the space for you! 


I have several sets of identical equipment. Some for use on the front only and others specificity for the back. When you are in a session you may feel the same sensation, know its a new tool, oil bowl, towel and even new gloves. 

At the end of the session feel free to look at the collection of laundry and  duplicate items and disposables. 

Have a concern, tell me so we can discuss and ensure you feel comfortable.


This is an appointment for You. It will start on the agreed time and end as discussed. You can tell your friends where you are and they can expect you to be able to contact them when it is over. 

Want a friend to come along and support you?  Let me know so we can plan for this option.