Intimacy Coaching

In the beginning


Every relationship has its ups and downs. In the early days there was so much new and acceptance/tolerance things were easier. 



Internet, Porn, Movies all can bring in new ideas. Reality is that ideas and actual doing that idea can be a little challenging. 

I provide ideas that work . 

Beyond Tabs and Slots


There is so much more to intimate connection then  insert, remove , repeat.

Let us add tools to your tickle trunk so you can diversify how you play together. 



Not some random out on the street I seek peers and mentors to help me help you. 

Expand your Playground


So many options to explore. For him and for her. Learning how to operate rope, fire, whip, gags or even your partners parts it is nice to have clear directions

Learning how to be together


Touching for their pleasure is very different then touching for your own. 

Come learn how to experience your partner in a whole new way.