So Much Intent in Each Motion

My Bondassage session with my Valentine Cavalier was one of the most beautifully intimate and connected experiences I have ever had. There was so much intent in each motion and movement that played with each of my senses. My Valentine Cavalier even tailored my session to unique likes that I have. To say it was a sensual experience is not enough. It went deeper than that and affected me on so many levels. This experience will have lasting positive effects for me. 


Wow... Am I Alive?

Mr. Valentine, I must say, I think my head's on straight now. So, I think I can finally write this. 

Thank you so much for the Bondassage experience. I clearly had no idea what I was getting myself into. Keevah encouraged me into trying this new session and help out a collegue. How can I say no to her cute face... RIGHT? Anyways, WOW! 🤯. The entire experience from start to finish, That was an EXPERT experience in my opinion. 

I'm thankful for the entire beginning process of being educated on what the massage exactly is, how extreme (bondage/PSE) to light (soft touch/GFE) this massage can be. I felt SO comfortable getting to know my Valentine Cavalier before hand with the detailed education of the Bondassage session and asked about my boundaries. Not ONCE during this experience did, I ever feel you didn't listen to what I said for boundaries. You truly care for comfort and that's so important to many women, especially me, who is a little on the shy side. Anyways, all my boundaries were respected, and I spoke up if needed during the massage and my Valentine Cavalier is very good at reading your body, to see if your comfortable or not. 

In my Bondassage session I was directed to strip down and wait by the fireplace naked 😲. 5 mins later, having taken a few breaths in anticipation I heard footsteps behind me. I didn't get to "see" my Valentine Cavalier, as I was a little shy. I find myself more into the "submissive" side of not making eye contact (50 shades of grey, yes so taboo, but you get it). All of a sudden, a collar gets put on around my neck, I'm blindfolded, handcuffed and asked to "climb up on the table". This is where it got interesting. My hands and feet were ALL tied to the table while laying face down AND headphones with music, went over my ears, so I can't hear anything. 

Now I'm down and ready to begin and in full trust of my Valentine Cavalier. The massage was AMAZING, I've never been SO relaxed and felt very connected sensually and sexually with my body during and after the entire experience. During the massage different textures, feels and sensations were brought onto my body. Hot, cold, fur, soft, hard, etc. etc. There was a MIXTURE of things going on. After at least an HOUR of this (I have no idea, I was so relaxed and not connected with time AT ALL). I get asked to flip on my other side and assisted to do so. Tied down again, more sensations begin. From normal massage to sensual and sexual massage type movements and activities, another hour passes by. How I survived, I'm honestly not sure. Suddenly, things become slower to a stop and I get left alone to "re-coup". After normal messages, it takes me 1-2mins to get up and get dressed. I took closer to 10-15mins of "re-coup" after this experience, my gosh. I had no idea what happened and where I was, AMAZING! 

The feeling of REALLY understanding your body, what it likes and dislikes from touches and textures is amazing from this massage. It's given me a better sense of my turn ons and offs. I feel sometimes humans lose a sense of their sensual and sexual desires and this is an amazing experience to bring that all into a GREAT perspective. I appreciate touch so much more now then I ever have, so thank you!

I'd say I got more out of this massage then I definitely thought possible, it wasn't just a massage. It was a learning curve for ME and MY BODY. 

Thanks my Valentine Cavalier , Ella 💕 

Healing Our Relationship

I had a lovely time with my Valentine Cavalier as he and with his hands-on guidance for my partner, massaged my entire body into submission. Having had a traumatic year and living with a brain injury that has run afoul on my intimacy with my partner, including my sexual drive. I was having a difficult time in the bedroom with my partner.  My Valentine Cavalier took the time to teach him some techniques that helped to open my root chakra and bring us closer together. I believe this has been an invaluable experience for the both of us and has helped us understand each other in ways we weren't quite getting.

Thank you my Valentine Cavalier, and thank you Lady Viktoria (Valentine Cavalier's mentor), for taking the time to teach us and to help heal our relationship.

Xoxo, Sadie

Sumptuous Sensations and Powerful

Sumptuous Sensations: What can I say, after some time to process my Bondassage experience, I share with you. As a submissive, in the scene for some time and who has had more than a few long-term Ds relationships I thought I had experienced almost everything. On a crisp snowy Saturday morning, I experienced something that edged with the familiar and the unknown.

While some elements were familiar, such as being put in restraints, being naked among strangers etc it was the combination of elements that created a more powerful experience for me, and I hope my reactions did the same for my Valentine Cavalier.

This Bondassage experience created an anxious state and at the same time comfort. The unfamiliarity of the attentive practitioner or what implements he might use on me; some of which were hard and some were soft; sharp, some dull, the human touches, the probing touches, the hot, the cool or warm oil and the actual massage elements was so comfortable. At the same time, one never knew if or when it might stop and what new " indiscretion " i may be subjected too. Creating a wonderful feeling of dread and sometimes a delicious balance of pleasure and pain. The ebb and flow of edgy comfort, or a focus on what i was feeling or sensing may be a better term. Allowing me to go places in my mind; soaring above some vast expanse, the Serengeti desert. I get ripples of sumptuous sensations that bring me back to my Bondassage experience, as I write this.

My Bondassage experience was a powerful energy experience. I should add when I use the term indiscretion it was only for the effect to describe a feeling, the Bondassage experience was fully explained and the process proceeded. So while i was fully informed, knew what to expect and consented. Knowing and experiencing is quite different.


Good for the Soul


On my last tour here I had the pleasure of being talked into experiencing Valentine's Bondassage. We have been talking on and off on Twitter for a few months now and he knew exactly what a woman like me was after and wanted. It actually didn't take much convincing as I am always up for trying new things!

Now comes the hard part, how much of what went down do I actually want to write, how graphic does one get, lol this being my first ever written review I can see why some men write way to much and others just enough, you kinda just want to share every juicy detail though ....

The only instructions he gave me after only slightly discussing what I was conformable with (like I said up above he follows my social media, he knows whats up) was eat a lite meal and bring a hair tie. After that he picked me up and whisked me away to the country for an afternoon I won't forget any time soon.

Now I cannot remember the last time I was escorted into to a mans lair, but here I was, about to go on a two hour adventure! He explained in general what would happen, told me he would leave me for a few minutes... Leaving me with the instructions to get undressed and wait, so there I was naked and waiting .... and before I knew it I was tied to his table, in an Oh so good way. Lets just say this man did things to my body that I didn't even know were possible. Like seriously I have a pretty active adventurous sex life and Valentine blew my mind on so many levels.

I don't want to get into the details of the next two hours, but to say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement. This man has skills. He takes his time and uses who knows what , but it felt so so good I could care less. He knows how to take control when he needs to, and slow it down completely, then turn it right back up and drive you wild. I have never been so turned on with out actually having sex before.... who knew ... seriously like I said my mind was blown . I felt so worked over but also so relaxed.

After I collected myself and put my clothes back on I went up stairs to be greeted by a whole table full of tasty treats to eat! This man really knows how to take care of a woman properly, every detail was looked after and perfect. I felt like queen 100%

Ladies he is defiantly worth checking out, this is an experience you will not get with other men, trust me, lord knows I've had my share and this was nothing like I have ever experienced! Talk about treating yourself to something that is good for the soul!

Miss Blake - Burlesque performer

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Above and Beyond


I had a wonderful weekend exploring sensual touch with Valentine.  He is a generous host who made me feel welcomed into his space, as well as an excellent cook who tantalized me with simple yet elegant culinary delights,  He really went above and beyond. Valentine’s presence is strong yet calm; natural Dominance. His subtle yet controlling and sultry touch allowed me to let go in surrender as he read my body’s visceral response aptly. If you’re looking for someone you can unashamedly be yourself around, look no further than MyValentineCavalier, a true gentleman in the 21st century. Chivalry isn’t dead yet!


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